Dawn Fox Wins in Hilliard Ohio at Bankshot Billiards

Dawn Fox Wins in Hilliard Ohio at Bankshot Billiards

In its first foray out of its home state of Illinois, on Saturday, February 21, 2004, courtesy of proprietor host Don Reed, the Midwest Women's Pool Tour held a qualifier for a WPBA pro-event at Bankshot Billiards, in Hilliard, Ohio. In opening his room to the Tour, Mr. Reed provided a spacious and clean atmosphere, quality equipment, and a staff with a winning attitude!

In addition to the qualifying spot for a WPBA pro-event, twenty women competed at 9-ball for the purse, and an added $300, courtesy of Gilbert Cues, Schuler Cues, and Stealth Cues. Playing 9-ball on nine-footers, the entrants agree, Bankshot Billiards was a pleasure of a room to play in. The tournament was a fun, yet serious event.

On Sunday, the players guaranteed money came back to battle. And battle they did! After taking the winner's side from Angela Mears by snapping the nine in on the break, Dawn Fox, who had sent Joslyn Lin to the loser's side on Saturday with a 75 victory, met up with her again. Back from defeating Mary Frisone (7-5), Carey Jones (7-1), Tracy Cantrell (7-6), and Angela Mears (7-6), Joslyn was ready to fight it out with Dawn. Facing the "Fearsome Fox" again, the race to 11 was on.

Dawn jumped to 2-0 lead by making a 3/9 combo in the first game, and by taking the second game after several innings. The match continued like this, with many innings each game - and with Dawn prevailing. Before long, the score was Dawn - 5, Joslyn - 1. Then Joslyn won two. Dawn retaliated by racking up four more wins. With the score to 9/3, Joslyn won the next three games. The score was Dawn - 9, Joslyn - 6.

Dawn won the next game, and was on the hill. Tension was mounting! Joslyn needed five games to win, while Dawn needed just one. Joslyn valiantly won another three games. It began to look like she had a very good chance! With the score Dawn - 10, Joslyn - 9, excitement in the air was palpable. Could Joslyn bring it to hill-hill?

It was not to be. On the break, Joslyn made nothing. This game, too, went several innings. It was apparent both women were under the gun. Both were playing safe. Missing a cut on the eight, Joslyn left Dawn long, with the cue ball on the short rail. Dawn executed: eight, nine and out!

1st Dawn Fox $490
2nd Joslyn Lin $330
3rd Angela Mears $230
4th Tracy Cantrell $150
5th/6th Carey Jones, Tina Larsen $90
7th/8th Mary Frisone, Tracy Koss $60