Day 4 Banks update from the 15th Derby City Classic

Justin Hall (Photo courtesy of Ricky Bryant)


The day started with 10 players but after two rounds is down to three, Shannon Murphy, Francisco Bustamante and Justin Hall.  The rule says if someone has not had a buy they automatically get the buy and the lucky person this time is Justin Hall.  So the next match is Francisco Bustamante versus Shannon Murphy with Shannon still holding the only re-buy.  This match will be at 7 PM (Eastern Time) streamed PPV on Accu-Stats. There are two possible scenarios from that match.  

The first is if Shannon wins we go to the finals of Shannon Murphy versus Justin Hall with Hall having to win two matches.

The second is if Bustamante wins we have a three man redraw.

Depending on the outcome of the 7 PM match the finals are tentatively scheduled for 9 PM on the Accu-Stats table.

So the fun continues in the 9-Ball Banks.