Day One Brings Surprises on Euro-Tour

Ivo Aarts (NED) Foto: EPBF/AMM

Aarts defeats Chinakhov in second winner's round

Friday, 26 August 2011: In an encounter that was completely turned around, Ivo Aarts (NED) outscored former Junior World Champion Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS) with 8:4.

In the beginning, the match looked much more promising for Chinakhov than it did for his opponent. Chinakhov took a quick 3:0 lead over Aarts and everyone expected a nice walk in the park for the Russian. But then the tide turned in the match. Aarts opened his account and won his first rack, just to take a time-out right after that. Whatever happened during the time-out, it certainly worked in Aarts' favour. Ivo came back and played a completely different game. He managed to tie the match at 3:3. Then, Chinakhov tried to stop Aarts' run and made it 4:3 in his favour. However, that was the last rack that the Dutch junior player allowed for Chinakhov to get. He ran rack after rack and benefitted from Chinakhov's mistakes and his own strong performance. 8:4 was the final score in favour of Aarts who will go straight into the winner's qualification round. Chinakhov will et another chance in the loser's bracket.

Other notable results include Mario He (AUT) creaming Antti Mattila (FIN) with 8:2. Marcus Chamat (SWE) handed a doughnut to Olivier Mortier (BEL), winning with 8:0. Mortier made several grave mistakes while Chamat left a very focussed and ambitious impression on the spectators. Chris Melling (GBR) also continues his way on the winner's side, destroying Jani Siekkinen (FIN) with 8:4.

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