Day Three at Derby

Sylver Ochoa

At the completion of day three, 39 players remain in the 9-ball banks division. Play resumes with round seven at 10a.m. The one-pocket main event drew a field of 317 players, some of whom still remained in the banks. One highlight Accu-stats match today featured former banks champion, Stevie Moore and banks and one-pocket runner-up Sylver Ochoa. Both players kept the match fairly simple with very few two and three railers. After much defensive play, Ochoa closed out the match 3-1 with a run of three.

Ochoa remains undefeated in the banks, along with Brandon Shuff, Dee Adkins, and reigning champ, John Brumback. Representing the Philippines, Alex Pagulayan, Francisco Bustamante, and an under-the-weather Ronnie Alcano are all still undefeated.

The bank pool mini ran through the night beginning at midnight, wrapping up at 6a.m. The $1,000 added to this event is courtesy of Albert and Marsha Metzinger, in loving memory of Marsha Metzinger. Of the full field of 64 players, local player Kevin Nichols defeated Gerald Richley in the finals, taking home the $1,000 grand prize. Notable 3rd / 4th finishes went to Dan Louie and Adkins.

The 14.1 Challenge got started on Sunday and Darren Appleton set quite a mark for other players to shoot for. Appleton ran 183 balls in his first attempt for the top score ever in this unique challenge. Corey Deuel had the second best run of the day with 125 and Niels Feijen ran 102 for third. The runs were worth $300, $200 and $100 respectively.

Tonight's special mini tournament will be the seniors one-pocket.

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