Day three at the US Open 10-Ball

Tyler Edey

Day three is complete at the US Open 10-Ball Championship and late matches on day three were all on the one loss side. 

After three days of play, the event is starting to see players eliminated. Some surprising additions to that list of eliminated players include Stevie Moore, Jasmin Ouschan, Oliver Ortmann, Sarah Rousey, Ernesto Dominguez.

Ortmann's elimination turned out to be the big story on day three. Ortmann fell behind 8-0 to a hot-shooting Tyler Edey. Edey was playing some of the best pool we have seen all week and seemed to have complete control at the table, breaking and running at will. A missed ball in the 9th rack by Edey looked like nothing more than a temporary speed bump on the way to a dominating win against Ortmann. Unfortunately for Edey, that miss bred more nervous misses and before he knew it, Ortmann had clawed back to tie the match at 8-8. The tide turned back in Edey's favor in the case rack when Ortmann ran out of position on a 5-ball and was forced to play safe. After a short safety battle, it was Edey who calmed his nerves and earned the long awaited win. Edey will face Jeremy Jones on Thursday.

Other one loss matches saw Sarah Rousey take an early 6-2 lead against Jeremy Sossei, only to lose the match 9-7. Tony Robles also won a hard fought hill-hill match against Vince Chambers.

Marquee matches coming up on the winners side of this event include Earl Strickland vs Po Cheng Kuo, Larry Nevel vs Rodney Morris, Warren Kiamco vs Ralf Souquet, Darren Appleton vs Shane Van Boening and Charlie Williams vs Thorsten Hohmann.

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