Day Three in NC at GSBT Players 10-Ball Championship; One-Pocket Begins

Cliff Joyner

We thought day two was interesting with all of the bad beats, but Thursday started out just as nutty with numerous forfeits on the one-loss side of the ten ball division at the Great Southern Billiard Tour's Players 10-Ball Championship at King Street Billiards in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We all knew Stevie Moore would not return today, so his opponent Barry Rogers received a free pass at Cliff Joyner which ultimately also forfeited – get Rogers a lottery ticket, it is HIS day; but Corey Deuel was the next top player to fall out as we were told that he was ill.  Also, Boyd Bouknight, Jason Klatt, Stephen Wiles, Michael Klein, Jared McGee, and Kris Bowers fell off the boards due to various reasons – that all just in the first few rounds of the day.

Additional results from the first few rounds:  Beau Runningen sent Jose Parica to the one-loss side 9-7; Mike Davis topped trick shot artist Jamison Neu 9-2, Ronnie Wiseman continued his run through the one-loss side with a 9-0 win over Larry Moore, then will run into Sam Monday; Jeff Abernathy was one that received a forfeit early in the day and then he trampled over Antonio Slaydon 9-1, next round Sidney ChampionShane Van Boening plowed down Josh Roberts 9-1, Scott Lewis took down Mark Haddad 9-7, and Chris Bartrum bested Wade Crane 9-7.

An update on the WPBA ladies:  Belinda Calhoun suffered her second loss in the second round of the day at the hands of Leonardo Andam 9-2.  Melissa Little's next match is with Virginia's Brandon Shuff.  After having a great run through the brackets on Wednesday, the question today was whether or not Sarah Rousey had enough girl-power left in her to get past Jonathan Pinegar.  Well, hats off to Ms. Rousey as she plowed through the set with determination, but Pinegar in the end appeared to out-safe her.  When Pinegar jumped on the hill (8-4), he was forced to go a couple more racks before he could seal the deal.  Rousey brought the score to 8-5 and had an out in the final rack, but rattled the six ball in the pocket trying to be oh so delicate-final for the match 9-5.

Ten-ball play continues this evening with one-loss matches at 7 pm, 9 pm, and 11 pm, while winner's side has one last round at 9 pm.  The winner's side is going to be a great one tonight with set-ups between Van Boening v. Morra, Vidal v. Daulton, Runningen v. Lewis, and Pinegar v. Chohan.

The one-pocket event kicked off on Thursday as well with a player's meeting at noon and play starting at 6 pm.  This $5,000 guaranteed added division holds more top names than you could imagine so it will definitely be interesting to see who comes out on top this weekend – check out the brackets for initial match-ups.  

For more information on the event, contact the venue directly at (910) 425-7665 or Shannon Daulton (865) 850-4572, email

Again, thanks to all that have supported this great event in various way including the players, spectators, room management/staff, and tour sponsors Nick Varner Cues & Cases,, Inside Pool, Billiards Digest, Master Chalk, Professor Q-Ball, Ball Rack, and Tiger Products will continue to provide bracket coverage for both divisions through Sunday.

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