Day Three Updates from Midwest 9-Ball Tour Stop in Kansas

Buddy Hall

The Midwest 9-Ball Tour is slowly drawing day three to a close at Shooters Billiards in Olathe, Kansas. The $1000 added one pocket division finished up Saturday afternoon with Buddy Hall coming out on top of Mark Haddad in the finals. Although the final round was a true double elimination match, Hall ensured there was no need to extend that courtesy to Haddad and finished him off by a score of 3-1 in the first set.

The $3400 main event has come down to the final sixteen on the winners side of the brackets and will dwindle down the one-loss side to the final eight Saturday night. The one-loss side will start up again on Sunday at 12 pm, while the no-loss players will begin at 11 am. Some notable match-ups for the winners side include Shane Van Boening v. Josh O'Neal; Buddy Hall v. Dustin Gunia; David Matlock v. Chuck Raulston; Sparky Ferrell v. Kent Henderson; and Shane McMinn v. L.V. Abernathy.

The $600 added ladies division is drawing to a close as well with the final four on the winners side including matches scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m. between Julia Gabriel v. Kristin Werner and Melissa Little v. Karen Lincoln. While the one-loss side will play down to the final six Saturday night and resume at noon Sunday.

For those of you in the area, Saturday night will host a $200 entry mini-tournament at 11 p.m. The races will be to eleven, single elimination, and winner break. If you are interested in playing, please contact Shooters Billiards immediately at (913) 780-5740.

We will have the final round of updates Sunday evening for those of you that are interested. Also, the tour has sent us a few pictures from the tournament. For additional information on the tour, visit their website at

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File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe