Day Two – Top Player Upsets at Seminole Florida Pro Tour

Tony Crosby

The second day of the Seminole Florida Pro Tour event at Bank Shot Billiards in Jacksonville, Florida has seen a few upsets on both sides of the brackets for some of the top players, which was to be expected with the day's line-ups. The winner's side of the bracket saw Tony Crosby send Thorsten Hohmann (7-5) and Louis Ulrich (8-4) to the one-loss side; prior to Ulrich's loss to Crosby, he bested Gabe Owen 7-5, while Neil Fujiwara defeated Corey Deuel 7-6 and Stevie Moore 8-7.

This can only mean the one-loss side will continue to heat up and will get a lot more interesting on Sunday with several of the top picks having to battle it out to get to the finals. On Saturday alone, the one-loss side has seen Robb Saez and David Broxson plow through the field only to meet up in the end and have Saez score an 8-1 victory. Mike Davis did not allow an opponent to get more than three games on him in any match until he met up with Thorsten Hohmann where he won on the hill (7-6), only to then have a re-match of sorts with Gabe Owen to whom he fell in last week's Texas State Open twice on the hill – this week was different, Davis fought it out and eventually won 8-7; and after a day that looked as though it may be going their way Donnie Mills, Brian Davalos and Richard Broumpton finally surrendered in the final rounds of the evening.

There will be a total of twelve players coming back on Sunday. On the winner side of the bracket, the match-ups include Tony Crosby/John Ditoro (tour director John Ditoro had Saturday wins over Richard Broumpton 7-2, Javier Chirino 7-6, and Adam Wheeler 8-3); and Rafael Martinez/Neil Fujiwara.

On the one-loss side, we will see Robb Saez/Jason Richko; Mike Davis/Stevie Moore; Corey Deuel/Louis Ulrich; and Paul Song/Adam Wheeler.

1st $3500
2nd $2200
3rd $1600
4th $1200
5th/6th $900
7th/8th $700
9th/12th $550
13th/16th $450

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