December Gold Mine Winners Announced

The beautiful brand-new Throne Playing Cue from Predator that is our first-place prize this month goes to rhatten! I will be PM’ing our first place winner along with all of our other winners in order to get their proper mailing and email address. This beautiful cue is made from exotic woods and precious metals and comes with the C+4 technology and customizable weight balance.

Our BK III Sport Break Cue has been won by oldplayer. This is the latest evolution in the Predator Break Cue technology and comes equipped with the new Sport Grip  along with more than a dozen other new innovations to make this the hottest cue going for that all-important first shot.

Finally, all of our third-fifth place winners will be receiving the new Predator Air II Jump Cue. This radical new design features three-piece construction, tune-able weight system and carbon fibre reinforcements. Just consider it your get out of jail free card the next time someone thinks they have played you safe! These three beauties will go out to: Nitrokid373, JoeyinCali and budonahog.

All of our winners should look in their PM box. PM’s will all go out tonight. A very special thanks to Predator for making this a very special Christmas for our AZB Gold Members.