December Pool Synergy Goes Lives

Tampa, Florida, December 15, 2009: The term “blog carnival” is not a new one. Bloggers from a specific community contribute regular posts on a particular topic at a scheduled time. Each edition travels to a new host blog location. In an effort to promote pool and encourage a strong player network, this concept has been injected to the world of billiards and goes by the name of “PoolSynergy.”

Brain child of John Biddle,, the first edition was published at 10a.m. EST on November 15, 2009 and will continue to go live on the 15th of each month. The inaugural post featured nine eclectic articles based on the topic of “Strategy.” The host previews and summarizes all the articles on their blog and links to each one individually.

December's theme “Billiard Tales,” hosted by Samm Diep, can be found at It grew to 11 unique stories by many recognized players and writers in the industry. Biddle, PoolBum (, Melinda (, Michael McCafferty (, R.A. Dyer (, Gail Glazebrook (, Johnny (, Mike Fieldhammer (, Alison Fischer (, Max Eberle (, and Diep ( each contributed personal tales that all players could learn from.

January's edition will be hosted by Fieldhammer at The topic is on “an activity, training, or experience outside of the billiard world and how it could be applied to improve a person's pool game.” All billiard bloggers interested in participating are encouraged to contribute a personal or guest-written article.

Visit: to view the schedule of upcoming hosts.