Delaware Native Wins at NE Players Tour

Sunday's NE Players Tour was fun, exciting and competitive! Thirty-seven pool players from five northeastern states put their 9-ball skills to the test. Matt Krah, Brandon Sluzalis, Carmen Lombardo, Shaun Wilkie, Dave Daya, Josh Brothers, Mike Miller, Eddie Abraham and many more headed this star-studded 9-ball cast. Eight of the top 10 touring point leaders were in attendance. By placing fourth Phil Sherman the #1 point leader increased his lead for the "Player of the Year" honors. Raphael Saldana from Philadelphia, PA cashed in for the first time. Keep up the great playing guys!

But this event held at one of the most beautiful and luxurious rooms Alexandra's Billiards in Pottsville Pennsylvania belonged to Clayton Delaware's up and coming future star Lee Holt! Showing the resilience and heart that projected him into the winner circle his wins were over Cory Raush, Raphael Saldana, Antonio Esposito, Josh Brothers, Shaun Wilkie, Phil Sherman, Dave Daya and Mike Miller. Dave Daya from Mt. Carmel, PA who always represents the sport of pool in a class act manner finished third. The Easton Assassin Mike Miller finished runner-up for his second straight appearance. In the finals Mike Miller never had a chance as Lee Holt played a near flawless match. Lee only missed one ball in a race to nine and that miss was a very difficult combination. Final score was 9-2 Lee Holt.

Lee Holt, who plays out of Cue Stix and Cue & Cushion in Newark Delaware, starting playing pool when he was seven. At the age of twenty he decided to take four years off. Having the desire and love for the sport he started to play again. Remember Paul Newman's statement in the Color of Money "I'm Back"! Yes Lee you're back in the pool community and we are sure to hear from you again!

Tour stop #10 is at Comet Billiards In Parsippany New Jersey on Sunday September 14th. Comet Billiards was voted "Top Ten" new billiard room in 2001 by Billiard Digest. This open event promises to be fun, exciting and competitive! See you there for the "Best Time Ever"!

Complete Payouts:
1st Lee Holt $650
2nd Mike Miller $400
3rd Dave Daya $300
4th Phil Sherman $200
5th/6th Bob De Turk, Shaun Wilkie $125
7th/8th Bob Whitfield, Josh Brothers $75
9th/12th Antonio Esposito, Eddie Abraham, Joe Long, Raphael Saldana $50