Delete Your Negative Energy

Have you ever tried being productive when you were angry? If you’re like most people, anger and other negative emotions only get in the way of success, not lead to success.

For example, if you’re still really upset about your boss and what he did at work today, then it’s going to be that much more challenging to make precise, finesse shots in pool. And if you have played pool long enough, then you already know the game is tough enough even when we’re in a good mood!

Choose your attitude
Want to be happy and upbeat? Then choose to be happy and upbeat. Why is this important? Because attitude is directly related to a number of qualities that will help you play your best, including confidence, focus, motivation, and resiliency. And the best part? Only YOU can decide the attitude you want to have today! On the other hand, a negative attitude can actually take away from your game – having a bad attitude results in less patience, more hurried shots, poor focus, and greater chance for anger and outbursts. Now you tell me which mindset is the way to go if you want to reach your FULL pool playing potential?

Delete bad emotions and thoughts
The reality is that sometimes we experience tough days, weeks, and even longer periods of time in our lives. Sometimes we can’t plan for that unexpected dose of bad luck, but we can mitigate the effects of tough days by deleting bad emotions and thoughts. For example, one effective way to let go, or delete, an unwanted thought is to write the thought down on a piece of paper, then tear up the paper and throw in in the trash as a means of “dumping” unwanted energy. Yes, this may sound silly, but this technique is remarkably effective and used by psychologists around the world while helping clients get rid of unwanted thoughts.

Take control of your thinking and your attitude, and you will soon take control of your pool game, too. Be proactive with your success, rather than sitting back and hoping for success. Deleting negative energy may take some self-discipline at first, but the results of clearing your mind are very well worth it as it will allow you to play your best.