Delicious Wins Hampton Ridge Stop 12

Danny Basavich, Pete Fusco and Keith McCeady

The Hampton Ridge 9 Ball Tour's 12th Stop made its way to Pete Fusco's place called "The Stop". This beautiful pool hall is a "must see" if you are ever in Trevose PA.

A strong field came out to play including Danny Basavich, Keith McCready, Frankie Hernandez, Shaun Wilkie, Billy Smith Jr, Pat McNally and points leader Matt Krah to name a few.

Danny Basavich led the way on the top half of the winners side with wins over Keith Christman 7-1, Tim Tannana 7-1, Claude Marrier 7-6 and Shaun Wilkie 7-4. Danny waited for the winner of the bottom half of the bracket.

Leading the way on the bottom half of the winners side was Keith McCready with wins over Trenton Marty 7-5, Steve Dobrowolski 7-3, Bill Smith Jr. 7-0, and Frankie Hernandez 7-3.

Now the stage was set Danny Basavich vs. Keith McCreedy for the hot seat. This match was a one sided match with Danny Basavich leading from the start and getting his first Hampton Ridge hot seat with a 7-1 win and sending McCready to the one loss side.

Waiting for Keith McCreedy was Frankie Hernandez for the second time in the tournament. This was a great match that went hill-hill. Both players were talking smack the whole match and when it was all over, McCready stole the match with a 7-6 win. McCready went to the finals, to face Danny Basivach while Hernandez settled for 3rd.

In the finals it was Danny Basavich Vs. Keith McCready. This too, was a one sided match with Danny Basavich running away with it 9-4 giving him the 12th stop of the Hampton Ridge 9 Ball Tour.

At the end Danny Basavich, Pete Fusco, Keith McCreedy took pictures and had a good time for the rest of the night. 1st Danny Basavich $700
2nd Keith McCreedy $500
3rd Frankie Hernandez $300
4th Shaun Wilkie $200
5th/6th Joseph Testa, Bill Smith Jr. $125
7th/8th Claude Marrier, Pat McNally $80
9th-12th Steve Dobrowolski, Matt Krah, Mike Miller, Bristol Bob $50