Delta-13 Case and Tray Unveiled at BCA Expo

Parker, Colorado, July 14, 2010:  Executive Billiards unveiled its new Delta-13 Case and Delta-13 Tray today at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the BCA Expo. The new products can be seen at the Aramith Booth, number 145, through Friday, July 16th.  

The Delta-13 Case is a compact and durable way to safeguard your Delta-13 rack and Aramith balls. The tray is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is a light, but tough, heat resistant material. The cover is made from glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), which is a clear thermoplastic. PETG is used for its impact strength. Both products carry a life-time guarantee against breaking when used for their intended purpose.   

The tray is perfect for pool halls, tournament directors, and league operators interested in  minimizing ball, rack, & chalk theft. The sleek design minimizes storage space because it is stackable and helps save time with equipment management. Pool halls can number the trays to coincide with the table number to easily track the care and maintenance of the equipment.

“There is terrific value built into both the tray and the case,” according to the President of Executive Billiards, Terry A. Taggart. “Each tray and case comes with a choice of Aramith balls and Delta-13 racks. Chalk is not provided due to the varied cloth color schemes. Purchasing these quality accessories as a set, not only saves money versus purchasing the products separately, but it saves money over time by not having to replace products that are less durable.”

To learn about the aerospace engineered Delta-13 Case and Tray, please visit us at