Delta-13 Named As Official Rack for MBO London Pool Tour

London, United Kingdom, 26th February 2010 — The Metropolitan Billiard Organisation [MBO] has signed Executive Billiards, home of the Delta-13 rack; as a Gold Level Sponsor for the MBO London Pool Tour. 

The long term contract confirms Delta-13 as the Official Rack for the high profile London based pool tour. The Colorado USA based engineering company Executive Billiards will support all MBO tours and events, sealing the agreement in time for the London Qualification Tournaments for the Matchroom Sport World Pool Masters; in Shepherds Bush, London, on the 6th and 7th March 2010. 

“We're pleased to partner and sponsor the MBO Tour and are looking forward to building a long term relationship here, focusing on quality tournaments and increasing enthusiasm for the sport.” said Terry Taggart, President, Executive Billiards; manufacturer of the Delta-13 Billiard Rack. “The MBO management has many years of successful billiard experience which will translate into a strong organisation. We've just started our second year supporting the British Wheelchair Pool Players Association and Matthew Gleaves has been terrific to work with, so when the opportunity surfaced to work with another prestigious British billiard tour, it made a lot of sense for us.”  

“This is really excellent news for us to welcome Executive Billiards onboard” said the Co-Founder and MBO President, Ste Williams.“I'm personally thrilled, they have taken a good look at what we have been building here in London. They have given us so much support going into the 2010 season and ahead of the Matchroom WPM Qualifiers next week. The Delta-13 is without question the best rack in the business and definitely increases the MBO profile even further.” 

DELTA-13 ELITE Billiard Rack: The rails and corners are made from 100 percent billet aluminium. The corners and rails are fastened with 4-40 stainless steel screws that are secured with high strength Loctite 262. The rails have a colour anodize plating while the corners have a clear anodize finish. Every rack is measured using a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to ensure that all of the tight tolerance have been met.