Delta 13 Sponsors Lonestar Billiard Tour

Executive Billiard's new Delta-13 Rack has caused quite a stir on the billiards scene, much like the new Lone Star Billiards Tour.  Delta-13 boasts the most advanced   technology in billiard racks today, so it was only fitting that this space age rack join forces with the trendsetting Lone Star Billiards Tour as their new OFFICIAL RACK SPONSOR.

Kim White, Executive Director of LSBT says, “Everyone is so impressed with this product.  Its functionality, sleek look, and durability make it the perfect rack.  We want the best for our players and that's exactly what we're getting with the Delta-13”.

The Lone Star Billiards Tour will be showcasing the Delta-13 Rack on every table at every event.  Ms. White says, “Executive Billiards has made sure that each and every game played on our tour will be racked with a Delta-13, not just our stream table, and this makes all of our players very happy”.

The Delta-13 will enjoy all the benefits of a major sponsor including our “Live Streaming” brought to you by Cue & A Promotions, packaged with commercials, sound bites, banners, and much more.  You can be a part of the action on

Terry Taggart, President of Executive Billiards expressed his enthusiasm for his company's new partner in Texas. Terry says "Kim White is very impressive to work with. She knows how to organize, promote, and execute a first class tour. You will be watching superior entertainment throughout the Lone Star Billiards Tour."
The Delta 13 will make its Official Rack debut on the Lone Star Billiards Tour at Bradley's Billiards 9-Ball Open I September 26-27. There will be a mini tournament on Friday night and a women's event on Sunday.

The last tour event brought in almost $16,000 in tournament money and everyone involved looks forward to an even more successful event with the introduction of the new LSBT Official Rack Sponsor, Delta-13.

So look out Texas, our star just became a little shinier!  Find out more at and we'll see you on the Lone Star Trail!!!