Dempsey goes undefeated to claim Amateur event on Predator Tour

Adrian Daniel, Kevin Shin, Gabriel Palacios, Stephen Dempsey and Kapriel Delimelkonoglu
In the expected absence of a number of Open/Pro players who'd normally sign on to compete on the Predator Tour, but on the weekend of May 30-31, were competing in a stop on the Joss Northeast Tour, Tour Director Tony Robles cancelled the Open/Pro portion of his regularly scheduled tour, and completed an Amateur event on Saturday, May 31. Stephen Dempsey went undefeated on the $500-added event that drew 36 amateurs to the Cue Bar, in Brooklyn, NY.
Dempsey advanced among the winners' side final four for a match against Billy Santiago, while Gabriel Palacios met up with Adrian Daniel. Dempsey prevailed 10-6 over Santiago, while Palacios defeated Daniel 7-2. Dempsey claimed the hot seat 10-6 over Palacios and waited on his return.
Daniel and Santiago moved to the loss side and picked up their second loss, immediately. Kevin Shin, who'd gotten by Gail Robles 7-5 and Marvin Phisitkraiyakorn 7-4 battled Daniel to double hill, before prevailing to move into the quarterfinals. He was joined by Kapriel Delimelkonoglu, who, after defeating Tom Hagan 7-2, and surviving a double hill fight against Lidio Rasta, eliminated Santiago 7-3.
Shin took the quarterfinal match versus Delimelkonoglu 7-4, but was stopped by Palacios in the semifinals 7-5. Dempsey claimed the event title with a second victory over Palacios 10-7.