Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger explodes into the #1 spot on the CWPT Chart

Denise Belanger, Carolina Fernandez and Brittany Bryant

On August 9 – 10 2008, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its 5th stop at the newly renovated bar called The Dakota Sports Club.  The Dakota Sports Club was a beautiful design set up for the billiard enthusiast with an loft view overlooking the action. The service was pleasant. The owner Brian Cameron and staff were very hospitable.  The weekend event was $1000.00 added  sponsor by Bell Custom Cues, Tiger Products and The Dakota Sports club which drew a field of 20 players who have their hearts set on the 2008 WPBA Pacific Coast Classic qualifier, but Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger wins undefeated and jumps into the number one position of the Tiger CWPT Chart.

On Sunday, the field narrowed down to the last six players:  Denise Belanger, Veronique Menard, Brittany Bryant, Naomi Williams, Darlene Gardiner and Penny Devos.   At the one-loss side matches, Devos was ousted by Bryant 7-0 while Gardiner joined with Devos after being defeated by Menard 7-4 for 5th – 6th place.  From there Bryant advanced to play Menard in the quarter finals. In this match, Menard had a few problems which didn't roll her way. During the match, she left the cue ball hooked behind the 3-ball. She attempt a kick shot and missed.  Bryant takes ball and hand and combo 2-9-ball thus taking two games after. With a score of 7-5 Menard settled for 4th place.  Bryant moves to the final one loss side against Williams who was bested by Belanger at the hot seat semi finals.  Bryant, our youngest player in the Tiger CWPT tour, was on fire against our toughest Veteran player Williams finishing the score to a 7-0 sweep.  Williams settled for 3rd place and Bryant proved her status as she jumps right back to the hot seat.  Indeed a great place to be!
In the final, it was a steady start by both players.  Knotting the score 1-1, and then 2-2. Brittany jumped to the 3-2 lead in game 5 after Belanger rattled a 9-ball.  This motivates Belanger to take the next three games in a row. Belanger follows that up with a run out in the next game, commanding the seven in the side with nice shape on the 9. Bryant misses a crucial 7-ball in game 7, so Belanger runs the rack and takes the lead 4-3. Belanger finishes up from the 6-ball in game 8 to present a 5-3 score. A short-lived run for Bryant results in Belanger finishing game 9.

In game 10, the score is now 6-3 with Belanger on the hill. In this match, the pressure starts to mount for the players as the pocketing lessens, finally, Belanger gets a chance to take the 4-ball after Brittany giving her ball in hand. Belanger makes the 4-ball and the cue ball lands with some angle to pot the 5-ball in. She decided to play the horn shot and landed shape on the 6-ball.  Nice shot! Belanger runs the rest of the rack.  With a 7-3 score Bryant settles for 2nd place and Belanger 1st place explosion puts her into the top Tiger CWPT chart and taking home with a qualifier win!