Dennis Hatch Now Leads Mosconi Cup Voting

Dennis Hatch has leapt into the lead in Mosconi Cup Idol.

With only two and a half days of voting remaining, Hatch is now on course to be the final member of the American Mosconi Cup side.

However, three other players - long-time poll leader Rodney Morris, Charlie Williams and Stevie Moore - are all still in contention as every vote could prove critical.

Mosconi Cup veteran Morris has been leading since the start of the voting process but has now been overtaken after a late surge of popularity for Hatch.

Which ever player wins the vote will join Oscar Dominguez, Corey Deuel, Shane Van Boening and Johnny Archer in the American Mosconi Cup team that faces Europe from December 10 to 13 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Taking place on the 'Idol' poll has attracted thousands of voters over the first week and looks set to continue up till midnight UK time on Sunday, November 15 when the vote will close.

The results to date are:
1. Dennis Hatch 22.13%
2. Rodney Morris 20.25%
3. Charlie Williams 19.37%
4. Stevie Moore 17.68%
5. Charlie Bryant 8.42%
6. John Schmidt 7.06%
7. Shawn Putnam 2.64%
8. Kim Davenport 2.45%
(% figure equals the share of the total vote)

To vote, please go to the home page of, click on the 'Mosconi Cup Idol' logo on the right-hand side, tick your desired candidate and submit your vote. It's as simple as that.

Live in its entirety on Sky Sports in the UK, the event features two five-man teams representing Europe and the USA doing battle in a series of singles and doubles matches. Now in its 16th year, the Americans hold a 10-4 lead with one tied match in 2006.

Tickets for the Mosconi Cup are available from:
or 1-800 745 300 or from the MGM Grand on 1-800 929 1111 or 702 891 7777.