Dennis Hatch Takes Another Joss Title

Dennis Hatch

Dennis Hatch simply cruised into the finals at the Joss Tour event in Albany, New York at the Golden Cue Billiard Lounge. No one was able to even get close enough for Hatch to break a sweat until the very last match of the tournament. Even that one looked like it would be a cakewalk but Matt Tetreault had enough game left in him to make it more than just interesting.  After all, Tetreault had a score to settle. Hatch had man-handled him in the hot seat match 9-2 and Tetreault did not want that to be the score by which he would be remembered. Tetreault had done very well for himself getting to the hot seat match undefeated. He had beaten TD Mike Zuglan on the hill in the very first round and then had gone unmarked through the rest of his opponents until Hatch barbecued him in the hot seat showdown.

So Tetreault took a brief run out to the far left side of the brackets and sent Ron Casanzio home in third place 9-3. Then it was back to work against Hatch. At first it looked really glum for Tetreault as Hatch powered out to a 7-4 lead in their race to 9 match. But then Matt Tetreault went to work and started rolling in the balls. He hung in there until the score was knotted at 8 apiece and the crowd was treated to a double-hill match that ended, well, strangely.

Hatch broke the rack and was running out. It looked like he had everything under control and the title in his bag. But when he made the 8 ball he got way too close to his work and the cue ball wound up frozen to the 9 ball. Hatch tried to kick the 9 in but that effort only produced a long, tough shot on the 9 for Tetreault to attempt. That try failed and Hatch came to the table with a very long cut, thin on the 9. He sliced it in like it was on auto-pilot and took home the bacon, again.

The next Joss Tour event will be at Comet Billiards on April 25th-26th. This event will be streamed online by