Derby City Banks Continues

Shawn Putnam has already advanced to round eight of the banks division
Derby City Banks Continues

Rounds five and six are complete in the Derby City Classic Banks Division.

Round five saw losses by Mark Tadd, Thorsten Hohmann, Jason Miller, Stevie Moore, Danny Harriman, Scott Frost and Louie Ulrich.

Round six saw losses by Shannon Daulton, Corey Deuel, Frost, Buddy Hall, Ulrich, Jose Parica, Santos Sambajon, Oscar Dominguez and Glen Rogers.

Round seven of the banks is underway with one early result already known as Shawn Putnam dominated Santos Sambajon 3-0.

The one pocket division is also underway with 389 players competing. We hope to have results from round one later this evening.

Bob Jewett's straight pool challenge got started on Sunday and the high run so far today is Niels Feijen with a run of 130.

The ladies 3-cushion event is into it's second day and so far the event has been dominiated by Mercedes Gonzalez, Melissa Little and Jeanette Lee.

We also have one photo gallery from Diana Hoppe online.