Derby City Banks Down To 10


Day three at the Derby City Class started with the sad news that Dean Upton, a member of the Accu-Stats crew had passed away in his room due to apparent natural causes. 

After all the great play in Banks at the end of day three there are only 10 players remaining as we go into round 10. Shannon Murphy, who has been a player on a mission since defeating Shane VanBoening on day one, is the only remaining player with a buyback. Going into the 9th round there were two other players without a loss, Francisco Bustamante and Joel Gray.  Bustamante was defeated in his 9th round match my 2012 Southern Classic Banks Champion Justin Hall.  Joey Gray, who finished 2nd in 2012 One Pocket, would had his 9th round defeat by Carlo Biado. Remaining in the field is up and coming young gun Skyler Woodward who eliminated Corey Duel and Robb Saez in his last two matches of the day.  The following is the round 10 draw which will start at 12:30 PM Monday.  The Banks Semi-Finals will be at 7 PM and the Finals will be Monday night at 9 PM streamed on Accu-Stats.

Shannon Murphy vs Louis DeMarco Jr
Joey Gray vs Skyler Woodward
Carlo Biado vs Francisco Bustamante
Justin Hall vs Thorsten Hohmann

Day three was also the start of round 1 in the One Pocket with a field of 280 players. 
The first round will carry over into Monday starting at 10 AM.