Derby City Classic – Bigger and Better than ever

The 9th Annual Derby City Classic is less than a week away, and once again it looks to be bigger and better than ever.

The event begins on January 4th with the 9-ball banks draw taking place on the 5th. The one pocket event gets underway on the 7th and the 9-ball event gets started on the 10th.

Of course, the three main events are only a small portion of the experience that is The Derby City Classic. Once again, Bob Jewitt is conducting his Derby City Straight Pool Challenge which features $10,000 in added money. Players can pay either $50 or $100 to enter the event and take their shot at posting the largest 14.1 run. This event gets started on the 7th with four days of qualifying rounds.

Paul Frankel with Professor Q Ball will be at Derby again and holding the 3-Cushion USBA National Championships starting with three qualifiers starting on the 5th.

The rings games have been a great addition the last couple years, and this year will be no different. This year's event will introduce nightly open 10-ball ring games. Anyone can stop up to the plate and play in these on-going $100 a rack games.

The Master of the Table award is still a big draw to the event and the player who earns the most points competing in the three main events will win $20,000 in bonus money. This year will also see five new $1000 bonus funds, also based on points earned in the three main events. The five new bonus rounds are "Under 16", Under 21", "Over 62", "Over 70" and "Females".

Another great part of the Derby City Classic is the annual induction dinner. The dinner will take place on the 9th and the players being inducted this year are John 'Rags' Fitzpatrick, Hayden Lingo, Melvin 'Strawberry' Brooks, Javanley 'Youngblood' Washington, Vernon Elliott and John 'Cannonball' Chapman.

We will have Diana Hoppe at the event again this year and she will be providing us with regular updates as well as photos from each day of the event. We might even have a surprise or two as part of our online coverage of this great event.