Derby City Classic Underway!

The Derby City Classic began today with 402 players entered into the bank pool event. There is so much going on here that everyone has a chance to play whatever games they like. In addition to the banks there are major competitions beginning later in the week in One Pocket and 9-Ball. There is also the Straight Pool Challenge. Plus, there are mini's going on everywhere and ring games. The Bank Pool ring game begins this evening. 

Just take a look at all this other stuff: 9-Ball Bank Mini, One-Pocket Challenge, Senior One Pocket Mini, the One Pocket Challenge, The Fatboy Challenge, another One Pocket mini, PLUS all the action games you could ever hope for. Everywhere you look there are pool players and their backers. Woofing, challenging and barking are the language of the week. 

This is pool players heaven. You can play all day and play all night. The tables never close. If you are anywhere near Louisville, Kentucky in the next week you should make your way over to the Horseshoe casino of Southern Indiana (just across the river outside of New Albany). And come up and see us in the AZBilliards room. Put a face to all of those screen names!