Derby City Classic XVIII, Day Six

LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN

DCC One Pocket Championships:

Thursday’s schedule commences with Taylor Anderson vs. Shannon Murphy, Justin Bergman vs. Carlo Biado, Corey Deuel vs, Efren Reyes, Jayson Shaw vs Kevin Cheng, Shane Van Boening vs. Evan Lunda.

Bustey and Dennis’ matches are still pending as, at press time, Darren A, Niels Feijen, Alex P,  Jose Parica, Jamie Baraks, and Bobby McGrath hadn’t gotten to the buy-back booth. You can be assured that they will as the next rounds’ prize money is more than their entry fee.

Correction: The Chinese are NOT gone: Kevin Cheng survived his encounter with Tony Chohan to now face the undefeated Jayson Shaw.

Corey, Murphy, Bergman, and Davis also have the luxury of the buy-back booth.

Evan Lunda deserves an introduction as he beat Frost, Nevel, and Hall to earn his shot at Shane.

In the shot of the day, Efren needed one ball when Frost ran about 5 and then, resorted to defense; He froze the cue-ball on the top rail.

Facing a ball on the spot, and certain sell-out if he missed and avoiding a seemingly obvious scratch, Efren cleanly stroked it home. Frost just shook his head, the Magician had struck again. Reyes entertained the applauding spectators with a Filipino 2-step around the table!

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DCC 9-Ball Championships: Race to 9.

406! There were 311 last year. Forget a 15% increase, 406 is near 25%.

FYI: For the first time, 9-Ball entries have accounted for more than One-Pocket’s. The Horseshoe loves the Derby!

The first round held a few surprises:  Taylor Anderson, hailing from Bonner Springs, Kansas, drew, and overcame Corey Deuel. Tony Chohan overhauled Carlo Biado, Hunter Lombardo had a very satisfying encounter with Ralf Souquet. Hunter is on a mission. He has dedicated 2016 to a make-or-break year on the pro-pool circuit.

Bank Champions Brumback and Pagulayan met in the Accu-Stats Arena–John was last seen at the buy-back booth. Their rotation game rivalry continues as SVB beat Morra, again, Dennis O took Shannon Daulton, and Pin Yi Ko overpowered Mark Tadd.

There are so many matches as the 2nd round continues on Wednesday that the “Action Room" is closed; They need the tables!

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The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge:  Of the 56 entrants, we have a new leader.

Lee Vann Corteza, never having had played competitive 14.1, decided to see what all the ruckus was about. He was observed stalking the tables for a couple of days until thinking, “Any ball, any pocket, how hard can it be?” He decided to cough-up a hundred. He had 12 attempts, after all.

He ran a 2! Then, a 20 something then, a 10, etc., etc. Corteza’s runs continued to fluctuate until, suddenly, in his 11th inning, he broke loose.

Check the scores:

Lee Vann Corteza, 225!
Johnny Archer, 179
John Schmidt, 168
Mika Immonen, 155
Dennis Orcollo, 154
Thorsten Hohmann, 151
Konstantin Stepanov, 149
Mike Davis, 141

Amazing to note:  With Corteza, Schmidt, and Immonen, 3 high runs were made in the closing day.

Thursday, the top 8 progress into single elimination.

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