Derby City Day Nine

Darren Appleton

The final day of the 14th Annual Derby City Classic got underway with twenty one players still alive in the 9-ball division and a real scheduling nightmare.

The 14.1 Challenge finals between Darren Appleton and Ralf Souquet are still to be played, and the Fatboy 10-Ball Finals between Francisco Bustamante and Stevie Moore are also to be played. Unfortunately for tournament staff, all four of these players are still playing in the 9-ball division. WIth this dilemma, we don't know when the finals of the two events will take place.

So far, with round 9 underway, only one player has been eliminated (Dennis Orcollo defeated Alvis Fitch). Other matches in round nine include Shane Van Boening vs Shawn Putnam, Darren Appleton vs Johnny Archer, Francisco Bustamante vs Niels Feijen, Lee Van Corteza vs Mike Dechaine and Stevie Moore vs Mika Immonen.