Derby City Day Seven Concludes

Larry Nevel bought back for round eleven of the one pocket

Round ten is complete at the Derby City Classic One Pocket Division.

Round 10 winners were Gabe Owen, Francisco Bustamante, Alex Pagulayan and Tony Mougey. Those four players will be joined in round eleven by Efren Reyes who had a round 10 bye and Larry Nevel who still had a buyback option available. Gabe Owen is now the only player with a buyback option remaining.

Round two of the 9-ball division also came to a close. Notable players dropping matches in round two included Tony Chohan (who lost to Anna Kostanian), Tony Crosby, Corey Deuel, Sylver Ochoa, Jose Parica, Allen Hopkins and Mike Davis.

Friday will see the conclusion of the one pocket division, scheduled to take place at 9pm.

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