Derby City Day Three

The birthday boy Greg Sullivan

Sunday play in the Derby City Classic Bank Pool Division will whittle the field down to just six players. At the time of this report, the players still in the event were Buddy Hall, Jason Kirkwood, Jamie Farrell, Tony Fargo, Gabe Owen, Luc Salvas and Jason Miller. The finals will be Monday night.

The one pocket event got underway on Sunday with another record field of players. A total of 426 players are competing in the division this year.

Bob Jewett's Straight Pool event saw Corey Deuel turn in the high run of the day at 110 balls. Other notable runs were Troy Frank's run of 92 and John Schmidt's run of 85. Jewett increased the prize fund again and is expecting to continue doing so until the preliminary round ends on Wednesday.

Amidst all of the madness that is Derby City, event promoter Greg Sullivan celebrated his 57th birthday on Sunday.

More and more people are arriving in Louisville for the event each day. Nascar driver Tony Stewart was seen sweating some of the large number of 'challenge matches' that are taking place every day.

Diana Hoppe is in Louisville and we have posted one photo gallery from her already. Look for another to be posted soon. We also have complete results from the first five rounds of the bank event with further round results expected soon.

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