Derby City Ring Game Part 2

Corey Deuel

The Derby City Classic Ring Game on Friday was such a success that they are going to do it again.

Corey Deuel's victory in the $30,000 ring game on Friday got the attention of at least three other players who want a shot at the glory. It also got the attention of one player who wants another chance.

The organizers at the Derby City Classic have verbal commitments from Corey Deuel, Alex Pagulayan, Efren Reyes, Johnny Archer and Shannon Daulton to have another ring game at 10:00 PM EST tonight. There is also interest from Keith McCready and Ralf Souquet. Details are not final yet, but Billiard Club Television has already gotten approval to take over the TV table for another internet broadcast like the one that was held on Friday.

All the action can be watched online for $9.95 at

Photo courtesy of Mark Whiteside