Derby City Thursday Update

John Schmidt

The Derby City Classic One Pocket Division will be down to just four players by late Thursday night.

In the final round of play, John Schmidt made quick work of Rob Melrose 3-0 and is the only player with a buyback option. The other player going into the final round of the night with a buyback option, Jose Parica, fell to Scott Frost 3-1. The final match of the night saw Jeremy Jones eliminate Jonathan Hennessee 3-1. Jones did not have a buyback option.

The 9-ball division is almost done with three rounds of play and the field has been narrowed to 126 players. The only players left to play their third round matches are the players who were playing the final one pocket round.

Friday play will be nine ball and straight pool during the day and one pocket Friday evening as a final event winner will be determined on Friday.

Schmidt has already won $2000 in the Accu-Stats Game Show on Wednesday night, and Ralf Souquet fell to Lee Vann Corteza in the finals of the Fatboy 10-Ball Challenge on Tuesday night.

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