Derby City Tuesday Update

Shannon Daulton had a very unlucky draw

Tuesday drew to a close at the Derby City Classic with approximately 100 players remaining in the one pocket division and over half of those players still having a buy back available.

Reigning 9-Ball Champion Shannon Daulton had to deal with a very unfortunate draw and was eliminated after losses to Efren Reyes and Jose Parica on Tuesday. Johnny Archer and Nick Varner however, took advantage of great draws. Archer drew Mika Immonen who is not at the event, and then drew him again in the next round after the re-draw. Varner drew Niels Feijen who is also not at the event twice. Varner would later lose to Ronnie Wiseman.

Corey Deuel is playing well with wins over Shane McMinn and Shawn Putnam. Jeanette Lee proved she can play more than just 9-ball with a 3-0 win over former Camel Touring Pro Tommy Dilorenzo on Monday night.

Other marquee matches on Tuesday saw Alex Pagulayan defeat George Breedlove, Marcus Chamat defeat Rodney Morris and Santos Sambajon defeat Wade Crane.

The nine ball division gets started on Wednesday with over 300 players expected to compete in that event.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe