Desert Classic Tour Announces Black Heart Billiard Tips Sponsorship


The Arizona Desert Classic Tour (DCT) is proud to announce Black Heart Billiard Tips as the newest sponsor for the 2013 season.  

“We are extremely happy to be working with DCT’s Mr. Dennis Orender on this project and with the overall development of our sponsorship program. We encourage Pool Tours, Promoters and players of all levels to contact us and join the rev5olution.” 

Our new V Class Black Heart Billiard Tips are specifically designed and manufactured with an emphasis of the pool player at the forefront of all its revolutionary concepts.  Their objective is to focus on ‘The Billiard Player’, his / her anatomy and the physical attributes that make the players become better.” explained BHT Customer Service Manager, Ed Fairhurst

With BLAK–AIR and advanced micro stipple manufacturing process, the BLACKHEART™ brand are the leading manufacturer specialist of layered 100% leather tips that are more consistent and compatible than any of its competitors. 

“The Desert Classic Tour provides both a competitive and professional style billiard tour in Arizona and the southwestern United States.  The Desert Classic Tour assists in promoting various billiard disciplines and works to bring recognition to this great sport through competitive tournament play.  One step at a time, the DCT is committed to building the success and visibility of both the Desert Classic Tour and our sponsors by making it the largest, most recognizable billiard tour in Arizona and the entire southwestern United States.

We look forward to having Black Heart Billiard Tips as an official sponsor of the Desert Classic Tour for 2013.” Said Mr. Orender

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