Deska and Meraglio Prevail in Rockville

Ed Deska

Ed Deska grinded his way through the Tiger Planet Pool Amateur 8-Ball Tour field who braved the rain this past weekend at Champion Billiards Cafe, Rockville, MD. Narrowly besting Kevin Overton in the second round, and then again escaping defeat at the hands of 2005 points leader, Dave Hunt in a 5-4 nailbiter, Deska proved that old school rules over youth in 8-ball. Hunt had earlier proved why he is number one on the tour by wiping out number three and recent US Open top-32 finisher, Brandon Shuff 5-0, but his impatience got the better of him against Deska in the finals. Deska won 7-2. Newcomer to the tour, Ken Black finished fourth, and Wayne Bean came in at 3rd place.

In the ladies division Tina Meraglio once again dominated a small field, but Kathleen Lawless put up a big fight in the final to narrowly go under 5-4. Janet Keith finished third, with Judie Wilson filling out fourth spot.

The next Tiger/Planet Pool event is a 9-Ball event, and takes place at Hagerstown Billiards in Hagerstown, MD on October 22-23. This is a $2,000 added event. The next Amateur 8-Ball event will be at First Break in Sterling, VA on Oct 29-30.