DeStafano & Crosby Take down the Island

Tony Crosby & Mike DeStafano with the Coors Light girls

Island Breakers in Merritt Island Fl, was the host venue for the first Poison tour event of the year. Saturday would see 51 players show up for the $1000 added Amateur event.

Mike DeStafano would prove to be the man to beat as he made his way to the hotseat with strong wins over Allen Auman 7-5, Rick Hefelfinger 7-5, Glenn Miller 7-2, Chip Dickerson 7-0, and then another strong 7-1 win over James Adams to capture the Hotseat. On the one loss side Lincoln Seifert was looking dangerous after taking a first round loss to Mel Rowe 7-4, he would go onto win 6 straight matches on the one loss side to before running into Craig Horton who would grind out a 5-4 win to leave Seiffert in 5th place. Horton would then go onto beat Chip Dickerson 5-2 to set up a semi final rematch with Adams. Adams was fully focused on getting to the final and cruised his way to a 5-0 win to set up his own rematch with DeStafano in the final. DeStafano would just prove to be to strong as he would take down Adams and his first Poison tour title.

Sunday would see 25 players show up for the $1000 Added open event. Tony Crosby who won this event last year would prove once again to be too tough. As he made his way through the field with wins taking down the Amateur finalists James Adams 7-2, Mike DeStafano 7-1 he then followed it up with wins over Julio Aquino 7-3 and then Carlos Torres 7-4 to capture the hotseat.  On the One loss side Julio Aquino the 2009 player of the year was taking down names as he made his way to the finals with wins over David Dowdy 6-2, Jim Sandaler 6-1 and then Carlos Torres 6-3 to set up a final rematch with Tony Crosby.

The final would go all the way with both players trading racks up to 6-6, Crosby would eventually take the final rack to kick of 2011 with a win.

The Tour would like to thank LJ and Bob and there staff at Island breakers, arguably one of the nicest pool rooms in the US for hosting a fantastic event. Also our title Sponsors Poison Cues and Delta 13 racks. Our next event will be at Capones Billiards lounge on 5th-6th February, this event will be a great one to come out and watch with players Like Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, Tony Crosby, Donnie Mills to mention a few all expected to be showing up for Sundays open event.

Amateur Payouts
1st, Mike DeStafano $600
2nd, James Adams $400
3rd, Craig Horton $300
4th, Chip Dickerson $200
5th-6th, Lincoln Seiffert, Steve Howitt $140
7th-8th Jeanie Seaver, Joe Scarborough $100
9th-12th, John Stucky, George Saunders, Glenn Miller, Jim Sandaler $70
13th-16th, Rick Hefelfinger, Mike Mallen, Carl Moxley, David Dowdy $50

Open Payouts,
1st, Tony Crosby $550
2nd, Julio Aquino $400
3rd, Carlos Torres $300
4th, Jim Sandaler $200
5th, David Dowdy, Mike DeStafano $100