Details Released on U.S. Open

The details of the event are beginning to come together. In addition to the 32 spots we are holding for billiard room qualifiers we are also holding spots for the top 64 W.P.A. ranked players. They have until September 15th to pay a deposit of $250.00 (as we are doing for the qualifiers) or pay in full to hold your spot.

The $72,000.00 added regardless of 128 players or less is the deal I’ve made with the W.P.A. in order to be classified as Tier II for points to their players. We are receiving many entry fees, many qualifiers deposits, and many invitations are being sent to players overseas to allow them to play. VIP seat sales are flourishing and especially I want to say thank you to Roberta Agnor who has now been with us over 2 months making much progress with selling them. Thank you my special friend.

Some vendors have concerns about the “dead money” players, so let me say this about that. Do not worry as in addition to the players who are participating in the U.S. Open, Tiger Baker our league director and myself along with Tiger’s assistant Debbie Nason, are finalizing our plans for having an amateur event held also at the Marriot in 2 rooms; one being in a 60x120 feet room and another 24x28 feet room. We will conduct an amateur event starting the first weekend on Saturday October 11th running throughout the entire week and ending prior to the finals on Saturday night October 18th. Our vendors, don’t worry as the traffic this year will be solid. The old saying goes “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and rather than taking a year off which I have never done, this idea and set up is going to be very well indeed. We’ve made it through hurricanes, the 9-11 attacks, player boycotts, and many other things; we are celebrating our 39th annual this year. Can’t wait until next year, as they say “life begins at 40”.

In my opinion, thus far there will be very little “dead money” and with that being said people are coming; many people. With the excellent turnout thus far with many billiard room qualifiers, 32 spots being held will certainly bring more fans along with, most likely, conducting an amateur event in-house all week long.

The exciting part of the year’s U.S. Open is having it in one ballroom with maybe the best floor plan ever, one day less, and $200,000.00 with 128 players; also paying deep, 32-48 at $2,000.00 each back. I can only envision goodness for all to enjoy a terrific week. Roberta is receiving many e-mails, many phone calls, and our sponsors are on board as usual. There is plenty of negativity already with the game so let’s just all of us stop and think positive instead. With that we only learn more and adjust what need to be for 2015.

Also, I want to thank Ian Anderson, President of the World Pool Associations for their continued support. He has sent all 7 continents information about this year’s U.S. Open. We are receiving interest from players such as the Nigerian team and their coach planning to come this year as well as many more new countries’s interest. Thank you Ian and also Skip Nemecek.

P.S. the offer still stands, since nobody has yet taken me up, not to be cocky but I’m still waiting for one person who will post $10,000.00 with me in a neutral bank who does not think the field will fill at 128.