Deuel Cruises on Seminole Tour Day Two

Corey Deuel

With only seven games booked in the loss column, Corey Deuel is the front-runner for the title of champion. With wins over Raymond Linares 7-2, Earl Stickland 7-2, and Mike Davis 8-3, Corey finds himself in the final four of the winner's side bracket. Deuel is poised to capture another Seminole Pro Tour title.

Deuel is set to face Mike Fuller first thing Sunday morning. Fuller has had quite an impressive showing on the second day of the tournament; earning strong wins over John Ditoro 7-2 and Stevie Moore 8-4. The second winner's side pairing will see Ron Park face off against Manuel Chau. Manny came off of a big win over top Carolina player Keith Bennett 8-6.

Making plenty of noise on the loser's side is former world champion Earl “The Pearl” Strickland. Earl has been seen working on his break non-stop all day long. It seems to be paying dividends as he's had some convincing wins. His victims include Sam Monday 7-2, Larry Nevel 7-3 and Younger Chapman 8-4. A very difficult test awaits him in the cue of Keith Bennett on Sunday morning.

The action is proving to be equally as tantalizing in the rest of the loser's side. Ronnie Wiseman will do battle with Justin Hall. Wiseman eliminated Stevie Moore 8-4 in order to make it to Sunday's play. Hall, who lost his first match against Stevie Moore 7-0, has rebounded tremendously. Winning five matches in a row, finishing with a great 8-5 victory over season points leader Mike Davis; Justin is ready to play.

 We'd like to thank Buckey and Mike of Fast Eddie's Billiard's for being such gracious hosts. Stay tuned for the final chapter of this great competition.