Diamond Billiard Products obtains table rights for Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships

Diamond Billiard Products is pleased to announce that they have acquired the rights as the official table of the BCA's 2007 Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, May 13-19. The event, to be taped for broadcast on ESPN, allows Diamond world-wide exposure for, arguably, the greatest pool table ever made.

Diamond's mission is to standardize equipment to professional specifications as determined by professional players. VP, Chad Scharlow, looks forward to the feedback as, "For the first time, both men and women's professional organizations will compete simultaneously on the the crown jewel of tournament play, The Diamond Pro-Am."

Diamond sees this year's Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships, held in conjunction with BCA National 8-Ball championships, as a monumental occasion. For the first time in billiard history, the professional player and the league player will play under the same conditions. Same pocket openings, slate thickness, cloth speed and color, balls-- including the same weight, non-magnetic cue ball. The only difference is the 9 foot versus 7 foot playing surface. All BCA Pool League members competing in the Grand Ballroom, on each of the 102 seven foot Diamond "Smart" Tables with 4-1/2" Pro Cut pockets, are competing under professional conditions. When they watch the Pro's competing in the Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships on ESPN, they can take pride knowing that Diamond, and the BCA Pool League, care about their sport, and treat their amateur players with the same respect as they do the Pro's.

Diamond is no stranger to professional events. Since 1999 they have they have developed their tables through input from the greatest pool tournament on earth; The Diamond Derby City Classic. Ten days of 500 players jousting with Bank Pool, One Pocket, Straight Pool, and 9-Ball will certainly put any table to the test.

The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship has Diamond as it's official table.

The BCA Pool League hosts its National 8-Ball Championships on the 7 foot Diamond "Smart" Table. The "Smart" Table is coin operated and, through laser technology sensors, allows "Red Circle" cue ball return after a scratch. Now league players don't have to use the oversized cue ball.

The U.S. Open Bar Table Championships puts the Diamond 7 footers to the test.

Qlympics: "Three Weeks of Pool Bliss" upcoming in November, will host both professional and BCA Pool League events on Diamond 7 and 9 foot "Smart Tables."

Both Diamond's 7 and 9 foot tables have the 4-1/2" Pro Cut pockets, again, to standardize equipment, and bridge the gap between amateur and professional players.

The Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championships and The BCA Pool League National 8-Ball Championships have 281 Diamond tables under one roof at the same time: All draped in Simonis 860 Tour Blue cloth and adorned with Super Aramith Pro Balls. Now that's a sight to behold. Come to the Riviera and see for yourself.