Diamond is Official Table of the Predator World 14.1 Championship

Jefferson, IN- Diamond Tables will be the battlefield where the 2007 World Straight Pool Champion will be decided on. Players will be playing on the well reputed pristine and challenging tables. Simonis 860 Cloth and Super Aramith TV Balls will be the Official Cloth and Official Balls used during the prestigious event.

"We are very proud to be the Official Table for the World Straight Pool Championships. Learning 14.1 is instrumental in becoming a great all around player and mastering the pool table. This is the first time in history where standardized equipment will be used for professional 14.1, and a great measuring stick for future straight pool records." said Greg Sullivan, Founder of Diamond Billiard Products.

"You're going to have to be able to really play on this equipment. If you polish and wax the balls and keep the tables clean, the Diamonds will play great." says John Schmidt referring to ability of high runs during the event. Schmidt, a 400 ball runner, is considered by many as USA's best hope of getting the World 14.1 Title back.

Sullivan will be awarding a bonus of $1000 to the first player to run 200 balls during the event. Dragon Promotions has an anonymous patron who will also pay an additional bonus of $3000 to the player with the highest run of the event.

"I'm pretty new to straight pool, but I played just enough to know the tables will be a big factor in the event. Bottom line is the better players are going to be a bigger favorite because of the accuracy you need along with cue ball control. But high runs are more than possible as proved this past January at the Derby. Souquet, Archer, Davis, and Immonen all had 120's -160's. Danny Harriman said if you run 150 on the Diamonds, that's like running 200 on another table. I believe him." said Charlie Williams. Williams finished 9th in last year's World 14.1 and 3rd at the Derby City 14.1 event.

"These are no buckets. Better be able to shoot straight." warned Mika Immonen. Mika won the Derby City Classic 14.1 Event and ran the high run of 160 on the Diamond Tables. The World Record during World 14.1 Championship play was set last year by Thorsten Hohmann's 174 run.

In 1987, DIAMOND Tables was formed from a group of dedicated pool players in Louisville, Kentucky based on a simple but unique idea of creating a table that would so surpass all others in quality and craftsmanship that it would become the standard for national and international tournament play. Since its inception, the DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL has been used in over 100 major tournaments. After 100+ tournaments and even more exacting refinements the message is clear: "Don't change a thing this table is as close to perfect as you can get."

Tickets can be bought online at www.dragonpromotions.com . Hotel reservations at 1-800-HILTONS "WPA" is group code