Dick Jaspers and Frederic Caudron Challenge Match Begins Wednesday

MARXUQUERA - The Big Challenge between the Dutch world champion Dick Jaspers and the Belgian Frederic Caudron, the number one in the world, to which the whole billiard world is looking forward for months, is only three days away from the start on Wednesday, 27 June. The first session will be launched at 11.00 with a match over 60 points.

The battle in the Juanjo Trilles house is a challenge over ten sessions. The player who first will finish the match to six hundred caroms, is the overall winner. He will be rewarded with a 10.000 euro bonus, the number two with 5.000 euros. For all Kozoom Premium pass holders and spectators who will follow the match live, we have summarized the rules and the schedule.

The match will be played on a Gabriel Imperator table. The cloth is a Simonis 300.
Balls: Aramith Pro Cup.

Warming-up: Each player has five minutes to warm up before each session. The player who starts the session, will start as first the warming-up.

Break: The two players each can take a ten minutes break during a session.

Clock: The time frame is 40 seconds per carom, each player can ask for three-outs per session.

Sessions: a session ends when one player has reached sixty points. He may finish his run. At the start of the next session, the balls will be placed in the same position as where the other player has stopped his run.

The match ends when one player reaches 600 points. There is no equalizing inning.

The schedule:
Session 1: to 60 points.
Session 2: to 120 points.
Session 3: to 180 points.
Session 4: to 240 points.
Session 5: to 300 points.
Session 6: to 360 points.
Session 7: to 420 points.
Session 8: to 480 points.
Session 9: to 540 points.
Session 10: to 600 points.

Referee: The referee will not be physically present at the table. The registration of caroms will be done by a referee who follows the match on a screen. The video can decide in case there is doubt about a carom.

Program: Wednesday, June 27: The first session at 11.00. Second session at 16:30.

Thursday, June 28: Third session at 10.30. Fourth session at 15:30. Fifth session at 18:30.

Friday, June 29: Sixth session at 10.30. Seventh session at 15:30. Eighth session at 18:30.

Saturday, June 30: Ninth session at 11:00. Tenth session at 16:30. Gala from 21:00.

The world of three cushion is looking forward to a breathtaking match. Who will be the winner, that's the main question before the challenge, but also, what will be the margin after ten sessions, the averages and the highest run. When we take the last thirteen matches between these two world class players (source: Kozoom), the match could finish with a margin of only fifteen points. But of course the circumstances are not the
same now that the play on the same tables, with the same cloths and balls and in the same ambiance.

Theoretically, that should increase the level of the performance. Moreover, the runs can be continued until the player will miss, except for the final carom. The history of the last matches, tells us that the six hundred points can be played in 285 innings or less.

Dick Jaspers played his best tournament in Crystal Kelly even with 2.622 average over 300 points. Frederic Caudron played in the World Cup in Vienna last year a record overall average of 2.420. The world record highest run (28) was made by Raymond Ceulemans (Crystal Kelly 1998) and Junichi Komori (Dutch highest league, 1994). Frederic Caudron once made a 27 run in a Belgian league tournament in Geraardsbergen. Dick Jaspers made a 26 run in the Dutch league.

Will these top players improve the records in the Challenge Juanjo Trilles? And can we expect a high class, attractive and a match with a lot of tension between two of the best three-cushion players ever? We will know on Saturday night. For anyone who wants to see the match live each day with fantastic images, replays and interviews:
with a Kozoom Premium Pass you will not miss any movement of the players, you can see all details of every carom, because you can follow the match in a higher quality than you've ever seen.