Digital Pool Welcomes Sam Henderson to Team

Sam Henderson

Digital Pool would like to welcome Sam Ryne Henderson as the youngest male player to join the growing Digital Pool Pro Team! Sam is a very talented player and despite being 16 he is already competing at a pro level with a Fargo Rating of 680 and winning open tournaments across the country. In addition to playing at a high level, Sam is also setting a great example for the next generation of young players by putting his studies first and getting all A’s and B’s in his classes. He very motivated and driven to go pro by the time he graduates High School in a few years. We would also like to wish Sam a very happy birthday today! Enjoy your special day Sam and welcome to the team!

More about Sam:
Sam “Ryno” Henderson is 16 years old (as of today!). He has been playing pool since he was 7, competitively playing since he was 8, and seriously playing since he was 11. At age 11 he started making goals for himself, and worked hard to accomplished exceed all of his goals. His latest Goal was to become a Master Pool Player before he turned 16 and he has accomplished that goal. Sam’s newest goal is to be a professional pool player by the time he graduates from high school. Sam is currently a sophomore in high school at Pleasant Valley High School in Iowa but because of the pool tournament schedule throughout the year, he participates in their Online Homeschooling program. He has all A’s and B’s in his classes and understands his education is a priority. Sam has a 9ft Diamond Pool table at home that he practices on for hours every day.

Where does Ryno’s nickname come from? – Sam’s middle name is Ryne like former Chicago Cubs Baseball Player Ryne “Ryno” Sandberg. When Sam is in a match and his opponent misses, everyone says Sam charges the table like a Rhino. We get excited when we see the Ryno Charge because usually it means he has a plan! 🦏

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