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This month we give a bit of space to the rise of the youth in the professional arena, Several of our articles deal with that subject and we think things are looking up for the coming generation. See if you agree. Our slate of columnists are back to educate and entertain you and we even have an interview from Melinda Bailey with a man who was playing pool through the Great Depression and WWII and is still taking them down.

The pro side is well covered. Darren Appleton’s very successful Aramith Masters is our lead and we also cover the US Open Straight Pool Championships as well as taking you back fifteen years to the 2002 Mosconi Cup where the power shift first began to lean.

Make sure to visit the newsstand frequently. We are populating it with publications for you to enjoy at your leisure, publications that will help you with your game and give you insights in to how the game is presented in other parts of the country and world. So enjoy. And thank you for putting us on your reading list.

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