Doerner wins Landmark Tour Stop

Dan Doerner

The fourth round of the Canadian 20K Tour season started at Landmark Billiards where owner Tony Coelho was the host for this venue.

We had 34 players at Mississauga for this 20K-22 and it was kept to a one day, late one day that is, to spare the driving the next day since only top six would cash in.

Top A side had Dan Doerner (8+) vs. Peter Bernard (4+) and Dan scored the 8-1 win.

Bottom A side had John Gibson (6) vs. Terri Mason (5+) and it was a hill-hill win for John Gibson.

The "hot seat" match was between Dan Doerner (8+) vs. John Gibson (6) (match is 9-6) and John took the hot seat with a score of 6-7.

On the one loss side it was Ron Ranalli (5) vs. Peter Bernard (4+) (match was 6-5) and Peter settled for 5/6.

In the lower bracket it was Andrew Attard (9) vs. Terri Mason (5+) (match was 10-6) and Andrew took the match with a 10-3 score.

Ron Ranalli (5) then played Andrew Attard (9) (match was 5-9) and Ron defeated Andrew 5-4, Andrew settles for 4th.

Dan Doerner (8+) had been waiting for the winner Ron Ranalli (5) (match was 9-5) and Dan left a 9-1 score to serve notice.

Dan Doerner (8+) got back to the A side where he inflicted a sound 9-1 score over John Gibson (6) and moved on the second match in the true double elimiation final.

This time John Gibson 6 mounted a defense and managed to get to four games with Dan Doerner claiming the stop once again with a 9-4 score.

Well done friends and hope to see you again at Strokers Billiards in London (519) 641- 6067 390 Springbank Drive (new location)

Final Results
1st Dan Doerner $1100.00 ** Calcutta
2nd John Gibson $600.00 ** Calcutta
3rd Ron Ranalli $400.00 ** Calcutta
4th Andrew Attard $190.00 ** Calcutta
5th Peter Bernard, Terri Mason $50.00

The second chance tournament was won by:

1st Shaun Arruda $50.00
2nd Adrian Fragoso $25.00