Doherty dominates Oregon Pechauer Stop

Riley's Billiards in Albany, Oregon hosted the 11th Pechauer Tour stop of the season this past weekend of June 4th and 5th. The staff and owners of Riley's treated the tour participants like kings and provided a first-class venue in addition to adding $2000 to the prize purse.

John Doherty, usually referred to as JD, made it look like just another day at the pool hall as his only significant challenge of the event was Tinsley Johnson from California who lost in a hill-hill situation. He also knocked off Mike Stevens of Oregon City and Glenn Atwell of Vancouver before facing Darin Walding of Portland in the hotseat. JD was steady as ever and sent Walding to the backside where he would have to duke it out with whoever came through looking for revenge. John Horsfall faced Todd Gooch in the 5th position, and advanced after a 9-5 win; while Steve Lingelbach faced Glenn Atwell in the same position and moved ahead to face Horsfall after his 9-5 victory. Linglebach would not be so fortunate against Horsfall. After getting a 3-0 jump start in the match, Linglebach watched helplessly as everything went Horsfall's way. Horsfall won the match in a decisive 9-4 fashion. Walding would suffer nearly the exact same fate in the semi-finals match and after another 9-4 victory, Horsfall advanced to the finals against JD.

Horsfall had not yet played JD in the tournament, but he didn't like it any more than any of JD's other victims! JD was on fire and found his way to 13 as fast as he could for the victory.

The Pechauer tour would like to thank Riley's Billiards for hosting this $2000 added stop! We look forward to coming back next year, and we appreciate the continued support of the players. The next tour stop will be held at the Billiard Palacade in San Francisco, CA on June 25-26, it will be $2000 added guaranteed and we hope to see you there!

Complete Results:
1st JD $1000
2nd John Horsfall $700
3rd Darin Walding $500
4th Steve Lingelbach $300
5th Todd Gooch, Glenn Atwell $170
7th Mike Stevens, Tinsley Johnson $75