Dominguez leads Pechauer Field in Frisco

Ernesto Dominguez

The Pechauer West Coast Tour is in San Francisco this weekend at Billiard Palacade with a field of 42 players competing for the $1500 first place prize. Room owners Francisco and Myrna Murcia took care of the fans and players all day with free breakfast and lunch for all the competitors.

As is sometimes the case, the brackets were unlucky for some of the top players as last month's winner Max Eberle, George Michaels and Ernesto Dominguez all ended up in the same group of eight players. Dominguez escaped that group and will face Corey Harper on Sunday morning. The other winners side match on Sunday will see Tony Chohan taking on local player ALberto Ramirez.

Players still fighting it out on the one-loss side include Bryce Avila, Tinsley Johnson, Eberle and Billy Palmer. Palmer lost his first match of the tournament to Bernardo Chavez but has been untouchable since then. Palmer will face Avila in his first match Sunday.

Chavez, Simon Dudley and Paul Bramwell finished tied for 9th place and earned $70 each.