Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour Visits Amsterdam, NY

Runner-up Keith Lauer and Winner Paul Rozonewski

The 5th stop of the Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour season attracted a strong field of 29 players at the new and beautiful Main Street Billiards in Amsterdam, NY on Sunday Nov. 22nd. The new Diamond Pro-Am tables at Main Street Billiards played great and brought a challenge with the 4 1/2" pro cut pockets.

The tour saw many new faces show up to participate on tour as well as some usual suspects like Tom Acciavatti, Mike Wheeler, Chuck Hill, Gene Hunt, Tom Wesdorp, Chris Smith and Rob Francoeur. Some newcommers to the tour were Paul Rozonewski, Ed SanSoucie, Kevin Gray and Edy Pazillo among several other top local players.

The top half of the winners side brackets saw tour newcomer Paul Rozonewski make his way to the hotseat match with wins over Jared Zimmerman, Gene Hunt, Tom Hebert and Chris Smith. On the bottom half of the winners side, local player Keith Lauer was playing steady and got by Tom Acciavatti in the first round and continued to the hotseat match with more wins over Chuck Hill, Edy Pazillo and Tim Blancha. The hotseat match went to Keith Lauer over Paul Rozonewski after a couple miscues by Paul led to ball in hand for Keith. Paul would now take a seat on the 1 loss side and wait for the 1 loss side to produce an opponent to see if he could get a rematch with Keith Lauer in the finals.

Chuck Hill would be the player that made the long trek through the 1 loss side after an early round loss to meet up with Paul Rozonewski and play for a spot in the 1 race to 5 finals. Chuck was also sent to the 1 loss side earlier by Keith Lauer and would also like a shot to get back at Keith as well. This match between Paul Rozonewski and Chuck Hill would see Paul take the early lead, but Chuck would claw back into the match to make it hill/hill. Chuck then faced with a long 10 ball shot could not get it done today. Paul would now get his rematch with Keith Lauer in the 1 race to 5 finals with the win over Chuck Hill. Chuck finished a respectable 3rd place.

The finals kicked off about 7pm and the tour format is 1 race to 5 in the finals. The first couple of games went back and forth but with the score 2-2 Paul Rozonewski put it in gear after a couple unforced errors by Keith and went on to victory and took home the title of tour stop #5 by the score of 5-3.

Tom Acciavatti held the winning ticket for the new beautiful Dominiak Cue donated by Bill Dominiak.

For tour dates and info please visit the tour website . There will be 14 tour stop dates this season including the tour finale, all regular tour stops are $25 entry + $10 table time..Ladies and Juniors only pay table time.

On behalf of all the players we thank Bill Dominiak for his support in sponsoring the tour with adding a new Dominiak Cue to each tour stop.

We would also like to thank our co-sponsors and for their continued support of the tour.