Dominic Jentsch Wins Beassy 8-Ball Worlds Top Gun 2011

Dominic Jentsch and Beatrix Dobossy Foto: IG

“I am overwhelmed”

Thursday, 06 October 2011: Dominic Jentsch (GER) wins the Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun 2011 with an 8:4 victory over Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) in the final match.
Stepanov committed some avoidable mistakes in the first racks and allowed Jentsch to take a 3:0 lead over him. Then he fought back and equalized the score at 3:3. At that point in time, the match looked like turning over in Stepanov's favour. But Jentsch played his A-game consequently and did not leave any chances for Stepanov to overtake him. To the opposite, Stepanov played some bad shots and had the weaker break than Jentsch. The German dominated the match and won it with a clear 8:4 result in the end.

“I am overwhelmed to have won this tournament here”, stated Jentsch after the match, “I had a bad roll for quite some time and it feels so good to be back again”. “I think I have played on a high level constantly in the final”, said Jentsch when asked about the final. “Though the score seems quite clear, I was the lucky winner in the end.” “My private turning point in this tournament was the 8:7 victory over Andreas Roschkowsky”. “I would like to thank the organizer Beassy, Beatrix Dobossy and the EPBF for this event. Everything here was so perfect and well organized, it was a privilege to be here and participate in the three events.”

Top 16 Players:

1. Dominic Jentsch GER 10.000,- €
2. Konstantin Stepanov RUS 4.000,- €
3. Dimitri Jungo SUI 2.000,- €
Ralf Souquet GER 2.000,- €
5. Andreas Roschkowsky GER 1.000,- €
Manuel Ederer GER 1.000,- €
Marcus Chamat SWE 1.000,- €
Richard Jones GBR 1.000,- €
9. Karl Boyes GBR 700,- €
Darren Appleton GBR 700,- €
Raj Hundal IND 700,- €
Thomas Engert GER 700,- €
Daryl Peach GBR 700,- €
Carlo Dalmatin CRO 700,- €
Gabor Solymosi HUN 700,- €
Nikos Ekonomopoulos GRE 700,- €

This concludes the coverage of the Beassy™ Billiard Festival week in Eger, Hungary.
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