“Double J” goes back-to-back on Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour

Chip Compton, Jesus Sorto, Jeremy Jones and Blake Kamiab

Jeremy “Double J” Jones enjoyed winning his first Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour event so much last month, that he decided he’d go for a second straight, back-to-back title this past weekend, August 21-22. And to the surprise of pretty much no one, he nailed it. Apparently, not having enjoyed last month’s three-match visit to the loss side of the bracket, though, he opted for the ‘undefeated’ route this time, downing Chip Compton twice to complete the run and claim the title. The $1,500-added event (Stop # 8) drew 90 entrants to Snookered in Frisco, TX.

As it played out, Jones and Compton both made their way to the hot seat at a blistering pace. By the time they arrived at their separate spots in the winners’ side semifinals, they had (together) played a total of 105 games in nine matches. Combined, they had only given up 15 racks. Jones, who was awarded an opening round bye, gave up six versus four opponents, for an 87% game-winning average, while Compton gave up nine to five opponents (85%). By contrast, over the next three matches (50 games), Jones gave up 20 racks (60%), while Compton, in four matches (59 games) gave up 27 racks (54%). 

Jones got by Jimmy Lejeune, Joshua McCauley, Jesus Sorto (who’d finish in 3rd place) and Joshua Perez to arrive at his winners’ side semifinal match against Jeff Franklin. Compton got by Kenny Rowell, Quy Dao, Jordan Gartenberg, Andrew Gonzales and Donnie Gregory to meet up with his winners’ side semifinal opponent, Blake Kamiab.

They advanced to the hot seat; Jones 10-6 over Franklin, Compton 10-3 over Kamiab. “Double J” grabbed the hot seat 10-8.

On the loss side, Jesus Sorto, after being defeated by Jones, had begun work on a six-match, loss-side streak that would take him all the way into the semifinals versus Compton. He survived two back-to-back double hill matches against Kenny Rowell and Chase LaFerney and eliminated Crispian Ng to draw Franklin, coming over from his winners’ side semifinal defeat at the hands of Jones.

Kamiab drew Daniel Herring, who was also working on a six-match, loss-side winning streak that was about to end. He’d chalked up a double hill win over Juan Parra, eliminated TJ Davis and most recently, had victories over Chris Reinhold and Sky Massingill, both 8-2.

Sorto moved into the quarterfinals with a 7-6 victory over Franklin (Franklin racing to 8). Herring and Kamiab battled to double hill, before Kamiab dropped the final 9-ball to join Sorto in the quarterfinals.

In a straight-up race to 7, Sorto downed Kamiab in those quarterfinals 7-3. Compton, though, put an end to Sorto’s loss-side winning streak with a 10-4 victory in the semifinals.

In turn, “Double J” put an end to Compton’s single-match, loss-side winning streak. Though Compton would end up with more racks against Jones in two matches than all five of Jones’ previous opponents, combined (14-12), Jones claimed his second Cuetec DFW 9-Ball title 10-4.

Tour representatives thanked Craig and Janna Lucas and their Snookered Billiards staff as well as title sponsor Cuetec and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore. The next stop on the Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour, scheduled for Sept. 18-19, will be hosted by Jeffro’s Billiards in Canton, TX.