Double J quiets Earthquake in Chesapeake

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones has accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish this week at the US Open. He has defeated 'The Earthquake' Keith McCready. And he did it convincingly.

In the match for the hot-seat, Jones jumped out to a 4-1 lead early. Jones wasn't exactly dominating the table, but McCready couldn't seem to get anything going when he had his chances at the table. The middle of the match saw Jones get comfortable and take control of the match, not allowing McCready any real chanced. McCready would win two more games with early combos, but it was Jones who cruised to the 11-3 win.

On the B-Side of the board, Jose Parica dominated former champion Rodney Morris and won by the same 11-3 score. Morris finished in fourth place and pocketed $7000. Morris' loss eliminated any chance of a former champion winning another title.

McCready will face Parica in the next match, while Jones gets to relax and await an opponent in the finals.

Brackets are online and we have posted the gallery from the players meeting as well as galleries from Diana Hoppe and Mark Whiteside.