‘Double J’ seizes the 4th Annual Breaker’s 9 Ball Tournament

Jeremy Jones

With a full field of 128 players and several world-class players in attendance, Jeremy Jones proves once again that he's a bar table champion, too. Player began around 4 PM on Saturday after the player's auction and continued until almost daylight. This was a contest of the last man standing. Many pro and top regional players were present, such as Cliff Joyner, Grady Matthews, Sarah Rousey, Scotty Townsend, Shannon Bryant, Larry Nevel, Tony Watson, James Walden, James Baraks, David Matlock, Reed Pierce, John Schmidt, Jesse Bowman, Shannon Daulton, Pablo Matheu, Jon Macias, Josh Hillard, Blake Todd, Stoney Stone, Josh Degler, Chad Wilmont, Tony Ferguson and Paul Turner.

Jesse Bowman was classified as a favorite to win, but Jeremy had something else to say about that. One would almost have to agee, since Jesse cruised to the hot seat seemingly unchallenged. However, Jeremy defeated him twice in the true double elimination finals to capture the top prize. The finals took place around 3 AM Monday morning.

1st Jeremy Jones $4600
2nd Jesse Bowman $2300
3rd Chad Vilmont $1150
4th Larry Nevel $575
5th/6th 'Lil' John Macias, Scotty Townsend $400
7th/8th Justin Cone, Blake Todd $275
9th/12th Shannon Daulton, Shannon Bryant, Bob Ray, John Schmidt $230
13th/16th Pablo Matheu, James Baraks, Tony Fargo, Mark Hydoor $145

1st Player's Auction 1st $5000
2nd $3000
3rd $1500
4th $900
5th/6th $600
7th/8th $400
9th/12th $170

2nd Player's Auction
1st $3300
2nd $1650
3rd $550

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe