Down to the Thrilling Thirty-Two in Hungary

Chris Melling (GBR) Foto: EPBF/AMM

In an epic thriller, Melling ousted Petroni to secure a spot in the single elimination

Friday, 30 September 2011: Chris Melling (GBR) ousted Fabio Petroni (ITA) in an epic thriller with 8:7.

The match started off to Melling's liking. He was ahead 4:0 after about 10 minutes. Knowing Melling, this is not unusual. But Petroni did not think about giving in. “I was surprised when he fought back and got me under a lot of pressure”, said Melling. Petroni performed a strong comeback and tied the score at 4:4. Then Melling ran another rack with his own break and benefitted from Petroni breaking dry, taking a 6:4 lead again. Once more, Petroni was down two racks and once more he did not give in but fought back. He profited from Melling who found himself unluckily snookered after he pocketed a tough jump shot. Running that rack and another one, Petroni tied the match at 6:6. He was almost on his way to the hill when the cue ball scratched into the side pocket from an almost unbelievable angle. Lady Luck was on Melling's side this time. So Melling was on the hill first. But needless to say that Petroni again did not give in and tied the match at 7:7. Then, after a few safety shots were exchanged, Melling found himself in the better position and ran the rack, winning the thriller with 8:7. “Believe it or not, I have just played with a new shaft that I have never ever played before. But Ralf (Souquet) told me the tip was great. I thought if it works for him, it could work for me, too”, said Melling after the match. “Fabio played great pool and kept me under pressure constantly. He was very hard to beat tonight”, Melling stated and left the venue, preparing for his next round match.

In the meantime, unfortunately, all local players have exited the event. The last Hungarian hopes Miko, Solymosi and Varga were all eliminated in the 4th loser's round.

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